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Back in the summer, I became friends with a retired Italian business man who grew up in Wyandotte. He and I went out for nine holes of golf one day. We enjoyed some great conversation, and I was especially intrigued as he began to tell me about growing up during WWII. Conversation quickly led to his mother's Italian cooking. When I asked him what he liked to eat when he was a kid, he described to me all kinds of Italian favorites. Then I asked, "Where do you go now for authentic, Italian food?" He responded, "Right around the corner is a place called Sammy's Cucina."

I already knew the place well. At that time, it had only been open a few months, but I had been there on more than one occasion. I had enjoyed entrees, sandwiches, pasta, and, frequently, Sammy's pizzas. In a word, incredible! A month earlier, I had been in Sammy's with some friends. One was always telling me about how wonderful his grandmother's sauces were. He took one bite and said, "This is every bit as good, if not better, than my grandma's." He then said, "I think grandma would be honored to have her food compared to Sammy's. The ingredient list is fresh, it's quality, and not overly seasoned allowing the natural flavors of the food to stand on their own."

If you formerly liked "Sammy V's" in Wyandotte, you will love Sammy's Cucina. Sammy has been working in the restaurant business since 1987 and he has perfected a great menu and a great list of ingredients for people to enjoy. His staff are friendly and will treat you right. Although the store front is small, Sammy's give you as much, or more, of the quality, value, and satisfaction of his bigger competitors. The restaurant is located in the Kroger shopping center at the corner of Telegraph and West Road. Seating inside is limited to 24, but Sammy has chosen to focus on the carry-out and catering crowd in this location. This does not change the quality or presentation of the food.

Stop in and dine or check out Sammy's menu online and call to pick up your order. You will not be disappointed that you did.

Thanks Anthony!

Anthony from Good Food Down River, 2nd Edition described Sammy's Cucina better than we could --